Tailan Spear

Open to: Adults and kids White sash and above, age 10 and above
Dates:  Saturdays, Oct. 8 – Nov. 12
Time:  Noon – 1:30 p.m.
Cost:  $199, pre-register before Sept. 24 for $175 (plus the cost of the weapon).

The Tailan Spear is the King of the Chinese long weapons. It combines aspects of the staff and sword and is a stepping stone toward more advanced weapon technique.

This workshop is taught in two part. Beginners will learn Part 1. If you have trained this weapon before you will be taught part 2.


Strong and Powerful Kids

Written by Farley Welch
One with Heart Kids Instructor

You can never tell, in advance, who Pukulan Indonesian Martial Arts will resonate with. Fire Dragons (6-7 year old students) come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments – truly like flowers – each one unique. Our broken-mirror style is clearly visible in these beginning students. One thing they do share with each other is that first step onto the mat. For some it’s natural and confident – another group of kids; sort of done this before. For many, however, you can really feel the bravery they’ve mustered to let go of mom or dad’s hand and line up.

The benefits of Pukulan come through patience. Timing is everything and it is individual. An instructor’s challenge is to engage the students and to patiently wait for them to recognize and tap into their inner strengths. Shyness can hide a genuine fire. Hesitation masks a capacity for perseverance. Kids that just can’t seem to sit still will develop an intense focus. Awkward and uncoordinated movement slowly translates into a smooth grace. Self-consciousness is replaced with a willingness to try.

The benefits of training a martial art are well known and can be enumerated [i], but it is important to recognize that we already possess these natural abilities. One With Heart instructors are taught to bring out the best in our students through movement in a safe, yet challenging, environment that encourages success and self-expression. This mirrors our own training experience. We were not taught self-discipline, focus, perseverance – we simply discovered these traits within ourselves and ultimately translated them into a powerful form of self-expression.

Class structure with a bit of formality, working with partners, perfecting a few simple forms, learning the basics of this beautiful art – these are the tools we use the help Fire Dragons understand the meaning of mutual respect, express themselves in movement and recognize that they are truly strong and powerful kids.



[i] Stevens, Eric C. 7 Reasons Why Your Child Should Practice Martial Arts, Breaking Muscle





When Justice Fails Turn Anger into Action

Katherine White
One with Heart Program Coordinator


Brock Turner, convicted rapist, receives only six months in county jail. Sentencing guidelines say he should receive 2 – 14 years in prison. This miscarriage of justice has caught fire in social media and now there is a recall campaign against Aaron Persky, the Santa Clara judge who identifies so closely with the perpetrator that he justifies the light sentence saying that going to prison would “have a severe impact on him” and blames the victim because she was drunk at the time of the attack.[i]

Social media has changed the game a bit for officials and politicians who exercise their power irresponsibly. When their behavior and decisions show reckless disregard for the laws and principles they have sworn to uphold it is not so easy to hide behind closed doors; we just may hear about it. Out of every 100 sexual assaults only 2 offenders ever spend a day in jail, so Brock, with his six-month sentence, is, by old boy standards – unlucky. But considering how hard it is to get a rape charge to trial, much less get a conviction, it is truly an insult to justice when the judge refuses to mandate a reasonable punishment.

These men, Brock Turner, Aaron Persky, and Brock Turner’s dad, who is so clueless that he describes the assault as “20 minutes of action”, are nothing new.  Their ‘boys will be boys’ attitude about rape is old and tired. The real story here is the woman who survived the assault. The impact statement she wrote is so articulate, detailed, personal and heartfelt that it should be required reading for every incoming college student; everyone who works with survivors of sexual assault; everyone who still believes in that nebulous ‘gray area’; and everyone who thinks drugs or alcohol somehow mitigate the suffering and humiliation of rape.

When justice fails it is not the end of the line. The next step is to turn anger into action. There is a link below to 5 petitions calling to remove judge Aaron Persky from the bench.[ii] If you think that is a step in the right direction you can sign one or more. I encourage people to take the time to read the victim statement, also linked below, [iii]and pass it on. It has already opened the door for other survivors to tell their story, which is an important part of healing. It articulates the reality of rape so powerfully that it cuts to the core of victim blaming, and raises awareness, compassion and understanding. Collective vision and sustained action keep us moving toward justice; toward a time when the old boy culture that protects Broke Turner and Aaron Persky is obsolete.


[i] Levin, Sam and Walters, Joanna. June 6, 2016. Judge in Standford sexual assault case faces recall effort over light sentence. The Guardian.


[ii] Crawford, Hillary E. 5 Petitions to Unseat Judge Aaron Persky To Sign if you Believe His Broke Turner Decision Was Unfair. June 9, 2016. Bustle.



[iii] June 6. Stanford sexual assault case: victim impact statement in full. The Guardian.



NY Times Picture

The Best Self-Defense Everyone Walks Away Except the Bad Guy

Katherine White
One with Heart Program Coordinator

When I teach self-defense I often say “the best self-defense is to never know what could have happened, because it didn’t.” Even better, here is a story (see article below) about a group of women who knew exactly what could have happened, and it didn’t – and the bad guy is looking at some real jail time. [i]


Black Belt Test


Begins Fri. October 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Testing is a transformation experience. Testing is a once in a lifetime event. All Pukulan students are invited to attend, participate, support and witness this amazing weekend.


“I Can Do This”

Kids Blog by Danielle McGrath

Kids Program Director

Recently I heard the words, “ I love a challenge,” from one of the students in the Transported After School Pukulan Program.

We were working slowly for good alignment on a more advanced form. His battle cry of loving the process of learning inspired the whole class to deep dive into their training. There were hoots and hollers all around. I was the loudest!

Learning to embrace a challenge with a “can do” problem solving mentality builds the internal strength of a student. It feels so great to have put in the work to eventually feel and demonstrate the mastery of a skill. Talent only goes so far but a strong work ethic and love of the process will benefit students in every part of their lives ….and it’s just more fun!

Check out this article that speaks to how many of us approach teaching at One With Heart.



‘Like a Girl’ Lies, Truth and Power in Three Simple Words

Katherine White
One with Heart Program Coordinator

Recently someone I know made a ‘like a girl’ comment, referring to a boy “acting like a girl, being passive, you know, just sitting around.” I felt a familiar sting; a moment of personal shame and anger that cut to the core of who I am. Finish a sentence with ‘like a girl’ and the insult is implied. Translation:  uncoordinated, weak, vulnerable, overly emotional, passive. Those three simple words deliver a powerful message: there is a whole lot wrong with being a girl.[i]



Make Friends With Mornings

By, Mike Gill

Is morning your friend or your enemy?  Do you roll out of bed ready for the day or grasping for a cup of coffee?  Don’t worry, I’m not going to try to take coffee away, but let’s talk about how to get enough energy to make that cup of morning joe a choice, rather than necessity.

The obvious starting point is sleeping better, which will naturally give you more energy when you wake.  This could be an entire article (or even a book) on its own, so I’ll stick to a couple of easy starting points.  For more help beyond that, you’ll be best served by information personalized to you.



Creating a More Compassionate World Through Movement

By Rachel Thomas

Martial arts is movement that develops awareness. Awareness is a sensitivity to your environment and to the way you respond and connect with your environment. It encompasses not only knowing where your body is in relation to others, but also paying attention to how your body feels in different situations. Kids who cultivate awareness through activities like martial arts are more in tune with the people around them. This sensitivity, both to themselves and others, can help them learn to move through the world with compassion.


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