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Self-Defense for Women and Teen Girls

When:  Saturday June 13, 2015 from 2 – 5 p.m.
Cost:  $49
Empowering self-defense training for women and teen girls ages 12 and above. Learn to set clear boundaries with strong body language and voice. Learn to strike with speed and commitment. In just 3 hours you will gain confidence and peace of mind.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage Workshop With Mike Gill

Come join Mike Gill on Sunday June 7 from 1 – 4 p.m. as he teaches a basic Thai massage routine for beginners to share with friends and loved ones. Call the front desk for more information about signing up.

img_7060 Katherine and Annie

I am Strong, I am Capable …. and it Makes a Difference

by Katherine White

Self-Defense Program Coordinator and Teacher

Are colleges doing enough to combat sexual assault? This was the topic of a recent City Club forum broadcast on OPB (Fri. March 27). Why would women argue against self-defense training as an important part of sexual assault prevention?



OWH Tip of the Week: Talking to your trainer

Always make sure to talk to your trainer if you have an injury. We won’t know that you have a problem unless you communicate with us. We don’t want to injure you more and we can always give you alternative exercises that won’t bother the injury.


Staff Profile: Mas Rachel

I started training Poekoelan as an eighteen-year-old college freshman. Five years and one undergraduate degree later, I’m now working as an instructor in the Transported After School Program at One with Heart. I thought training Poekoelan would give me confidence, grace, a good workout (and it has) – I never imagined I would get a job, too!



Ditch the Diet

I can’t tell you how many times I hear people talking about carbs these days. I hear it in stores, in gyms, on the street, pretty much everywhere. The subject of their talk is always that carbs are bad; either that carbs are making them fat, or they are in the process of cutting out carbs, so they will feel better. In the short term, many people will feel better or even drop weight when they cut carbs (or protein, or fat). This does not mean that doing so is healthy.


Fire Dragon 6

My Journey Through Poekoelan

Written by Mas Josh

I first put on a white gi and belt in January of this year. However, when looking back, I think I began my journey and training years ago. My son has trained Poekoelan for five years now and it truly has been transformative for both him and our family. I remember vividly Mas Goeroe Agoeng demonstrating one of her own personal forms at the end of one of my son’s classes. She moved seamlessly to the Kirtan music of one of my favorite musicians. My son came to me afterwards and said, “I have to have that music and I want to be able to do what she just did.” I walked out of One With Heart that night and have to admit, I had the exact same thought.


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