Pu Kua Do (Eight Trigram Broadsword) – Parts 1 and 2

Taught by Kyle Hatfield
Saturdays Jan. 9 – Feb. 20 from 12:30 – 2 p.m.

Open to Current Pukulan Students, Adults and Kids White Sash and above, age 10 and above

Cost: $175 plus the cost of a weapon

Broadsword - Adalia

The Broadsword is considered the King of the Chinese weapons. This form employs postures which move from low to high and combine with dynamic leaps: extended body movements develop the tendons and bones while the spinning moves of the broadsword strengthens the wrists.

Beginning students will learn Part 1. Returning students will learn Part 2.
Register at One with Heart.

Slaying the Monster

by Katherine White
One with Heart Self-Defense Program Coordinator

 For the last 20 years I have taught self-defense to women and children. Many come to class most concerned about stranger assault.  These assaults can happen and it is important to feel confident and prepared to handle them.  But the reality is most assaults are committed by someone we know. Many predatory offenders are bright, charming, and well thought of.  The myth that the monster is a crazy stranger hiding in dark can make it difficult for us to assess risk accurately and can prevent our justice system from doing its job – getting the monster off the street. This story recently received national attention and is a good example of how pervasive and dangerous myths about who commits sexual assault can be.



Herbs for Modern Life

Written by Mike Gill

Here in the US, herbs are a novelty.  Most of us tend to respect them up to a point, thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if they really did do those things people say?”  To the rest of the world, they are medicine.  Specifically, they are the first thing used for most ailments, while pharmaceuticals are used only when things have gone so wrong that there is no other option.  What gives?  Why the difference here?


November Tai Chi Elements Begins

Tai Chi Elements Begins Nov. 4
Cost:  $99


This beginning level Tai Chi Elements program includes 8 small group classes over a 4 week period. In one class each week you train with an advanced Tai Chi instructor to learn basic movements. The second class each week you train under the guidance of master teacher David Tircuit.

We recommend that anyone with no Tai Chi experience begin in the Tai Chi Elements Program. Students with a previous martial arts background are recommended to start in the intermediate-advanced class. 

Sign up for an upcoming session today.



November Pukulan Self-Defense Elements Begins

PM Elements Begins: Mon. Nov. 9
AM Elements Begins: Tues. Nov. 10

8 small group classes with a Black Belt Instructor – $99


Get a thorough introduction to the fun and powerful art of Pukulan self-defense. Classes meet twice a week for 4 weeks. Each class is tailored to meet your needs as you learn basic self-defense skills including blocks, strikes, and throws. Students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities are welcome here!

By the time you complete our top rated Pukulan Self-Defense Elements program you will feel right at home in our ongoing beginning and intermediate classes.


Back to Kung Fu Night Recap

We had a great turnout for our Back to Kung Fu Night! Everyone had a blast meeting one another and seeing what their kids are learning here at One With Heart. Parents even got a lesson from their kiddos on some Poekoelan moves to practice in their free time!.

IMG_2098 IMG_2099 FullSizeRender3 IMG_2090


Kids Tournament

When: Sunday December 6th, 2015 beginning at 9 a.m.
Cost:  $35 early registration. After November 16th, $45

This in house Poekoelan tournament develops confidence. Kids shine showing their favorite sets, forms or participating in tournament style sparing.


Day Camps

School is in full swing and day camps are coming up for your kiddos! Check out when the next day camp is and sign up before they fill up!

Contest at One With Heart!


Tag a friend and you can both win! For current members: Win a free personal training session with one of our experienced black belt instructors (worth $89). And win your friend (who isn’t a member at OWH) a free Tai Chi Elements or Poekoelan Self Defense Elements package (worth $99).

To enter the giveaway:

1. Make sure you are following us on our Instagram page: onewithheart

2. Make sure you like our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/OneWithHeart?ref=aymt_homepage_panel

3. Tag a friend in the comments  section of this post on either our Facebook page or our Instagram page of who you think would enjoy a free month (4 week, 8 classes) of either a Tai Chi or Poekoelan Self Defense Elements. You can tag as many friends as you want, but make sure each is in a SEPARATE comment (Sorry, prizes to be given to Portland Metro residents only, so only tag your friends in this area!)

*If you wish to enter the contest but don’t take any of our classes at OWH, feel free to enter by tagging a friend and you and a friend can win a free Tai Chi or Self Defense Elements package. Same rules apply as above.

The giveaway will be from now until October 19th at 5pm PST

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