CrossFit Hawthorne Summer Games


When:  Sun. Aug. 17th beginning at Noon
Where:  CrossFit Hawthorne
Cost:  Early Reg:  $25  /  After Aug. 1: $35

All day test of strength, stamina, agility, speed and raw determination.
Open competition to all CrossFit athletes with or without a box affiliation. The event will feature 4 divisions for varying fitness levels; 4 events for each division with a champion being crowned in each event.


Women’s Self-Defense: 3 Hours of Power

When:  Sat. Aug. 16th  from 2 – 5 p.m.
Cost:  $49
Empowering self-defense training for women and teen girls ages 12 and above. Learn to set clear boundaries with strong body language and voice. Learn to strike with speed and commitment. In just 3 hours you will gain confidence and peace of mind.


3 Hours of Power

3 Hours of Power

August CrossFit Elements Schedule

Summer Special:   Sign up now for only $99!  50% off the regular price of $199.

CrossFit Elements Intro Package

Our next 4-week session starts up again soon.  Morning and evening class options are available. Begin summer with a great workout routine.

PM Elements Dates:  Aug. 4  – Aug. 30, 2014
AM Elements Dates:  Aug. 5 –  Aug. 30,, 2014

Contact us for details or register online.

A New Direction for One with Heart

As of July 1 One with Heart and One with Heart St. Johns are officially separating from Tulen Headquarters and Barbara Niggel. Tulen HQ has become mired in financial mismanagement and other challenges and we firmly believe it is no longer in the best interest of our students or our schools to continue the affiliation.

We recognize and are grateful for the training we received from Mas Goeroe Agoeng Barbara Niggel and we wish her well.

Mas Goeroe Agoeng Janesa remains committed to both One with Heart and One with Heart St. Johns. She and her Black Belts will continue to provide high level martial arts training for all students. We look forward to continuing in this new direction with each and every one of you.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to talk with your class instructor.

Staff Spotlight: Keeley Love


Keeley Love greets many of our customers and staff from the front desk at our Hawthorne school. She is originally from Columbia Falls, MT. She found her way to Portland after living in several other cities during her lifelong career as a professional ballerina. She has also trained with several renowned European choreographers, giving her experience in contemporary ballet as well. Her diverse background in dance of all forms, as well as her natural kinesthetic tendencies, very much makes her appreciate the beautiful form of Poekoelan.  (more…)

Dutch Poekoelan Weekend 2014

by Mas Morgan Senkal


Of the many great things about training at One with Heart, one of the ones you hear mentioned a lot is the wonderful community you find here.  Certainly, I’ve come to appreciate greatly the friendship and supportive environment that fills the school. But it can sometimes feel that it’s the school itself that contains that feeling, when it is in reality our fellowship as Poekoelan practitioners.  Because stepping onto the training floor during Amsterdam Camp last month, Mas Charlene and I felt like we had just discovered a new room in the school we love, filled with a whole new group of family.


Reflecting on Poekoelan

By Jon Backmann

Be soft. Of all the feedback I receive in class, this is the most common – be soft; soften. This is not to say, “be passive.” On the contrary, softness is a state of readiness, of potential action. More importantly, it is a state of calm that is so vital to every facet of life. It is patience, clarity. If there’s one valuable tool I gain from training Poekoelon Tjimninde Tulen, it is the quality of softness.

I work in a fast-paced corporate environment. Imagine all the clichés you hear about such places: tons of paperwork, impending deadlines, high-strung supervisors (who receive even more pressure from their higher-strung higher-ups) – these all apply, which makes for a rather stressful workplace. When I first started at this office, I was so up-tight, I would constantly make mistakes, simple mistakes that could easily be corrected if I just relaxed. But I was constantly hiding inside my hardened shell of I hope I don’t screw up too much/please don’t fire me/this is my first job out of school/what am I doing? I never allowed myself the opportunity to just breathe and focus.

At the same time, I had just become a white sash in PTT, the first rank of third phase, trying to learn basic forms, standards, and how to fight. I was so tense in these classes, so unable to remain flexible when learning new forms, I’d miss half the concept as it was being taught. As for fighting, my strikes would barely meet their targets because I would not flow through my fighting motions. I was a rock trying to be like water, and mostly failing.

It was at this point (and often still) my teachers offered, among their many critiques, Jon, be softer. Breathe.

There’s no way to get through forms without breathing, without being loose and letting yourself relax into the art. Tjiminde means, “beautiful, flowing waters,” and in order to flow like water, you must be loose, soft. So I practiced breathing and relaxation, and almost immediately my forms and fighting improved (even now in class, whenever I struggle with a concept, I take a moment to pinpoint my tension and release it, which ultimately results in faster, more powerful strikes, better focus and concentration).

By developing this mentality of softness in the training hall, I started applying it to other areas of my life, namely my job. I could feel myself stop stiffening and start breathing, stop worrying about my bosses and take care of my own work. Sure, this could be a sign of growing up, but I credit a lot of my increased productivity to learning how to be calm in pressure situations. If I could face a punch, why couldn’t I handle a staff report?

Through learning to be soft, I am a stronger person and approach problems with more confidence, with greater clarity. In turn, I train with more focus and vision, ultimately fueling my exterior life and nourishing my interior life.

Jon Backmann is a gold sash in Poekoelon Tjiminde Tulen who enjoys reading and writing.

Eating to Support a Workout Program

By Michael Gill

Like so many other topics involving nutrition, this one will seem pretty confusing if you search for answers on the internet.  There is certainly a wide variety of information out there, much of which is not in agreement.  While most people are concerned about what to eat before working out, it is actually what you eat afterwards that will probably make the bigger difference in your health.  (more…)

New CrossFit Instructors

Welcome 4 new CrossFit instructors to CrossFit Hawthorne!
Megan Gaddini – now instructing the Tues / Thurs p.m. CrossFit classes
Corey Blue -now instructing the Mon – Fri 5:30 a.m. CrossFit classes
Colin Rupp – now instructing the Mon and Wed Noon CrossFit classes and Mon and Wed 6 p.m. CrossFit classes
Kendra Bailey – now instructing Sat. morning classes


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